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Studio Institute Denver,
Your Your Gateway to a Career

Learn more about us, it all starts right here. Come visit the studio, meet Professor Collingwood, and learn about payment and financing options. Enrollment for Summer Term is open now.

How We Help
Student lesson plans and schedules are created every 6 months. If a student has not completed the accelerated course in its entirety by the initial 6-month deadline they have the option to re-enroll on a monthly basis for the next upcoming term.



Payment plans are now available through Teachable. Recommended student loan options are also available.  

The Information You Need
Minimum age of 18 years old is required. High school diploma or GED completion is required by the first day of the term enrolled. (excluding teacher/counselor/parent recommendation)
. This is not a typical classroom environment, it is a Coworking Studio environment where projects are judged and critiqued based on completion and effort.

This program is perfect for an individual who is looking for hands on learning that is unique compared to the standard structure of classrooms and grading scales.


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