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Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is considered to be one of the most famous designers of modern generation. His work philosophy is strong, "I want spaces to have a pulse, to sing and come alive around you, so that we feel inspired and revitalized. I want you to feel part of the moment in which we live with no references to the past."

Karim’s portfolio is extensive, containing large design projects, home objects, office furniture, creative projects, and accessories.

Time magazine once called him “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas." He’s best known for undulating, brightly colored creations. He describes his amorphous designs as “sensual minimalism” or “blobjects” and says the shapes foster positive emotions in us. Along with his love of curvy, colorful design Rashid's style is characterized by pop or pastel tones, bold combinations and glossy lacquered finishes. He favors plastic and solid surfaces that can be colored and printed at will, channelling the soft and sensual forms that distinguish his work.

Karim Rashid has an incomparable design signature, impossible to emulate. Although many designers take great pleasure in drawing on the past, it is the designers that reach into the future that are creating the next generation of style. Futuristic interior design relies heavily on the home architecture. Rounded doorways, walls, asymmetric angles should be planned before the construction.

Bright accents such as furniture items, artworks, and feature walls can be seen to bring in the color to the decor. When in comes about shapes, curved and asymmetric shapes and lines can be often seen in his futuristic furniture items.


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