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Salaries in the Industry, Ways to Get Paid

The building trades industry here in Colorado continues to grow at exponential rates. As more people want to live here, developers are building to make room. New construction is popping up everywhere, and developers and builders need smart people like you to join their team.

Once you complete our course, you will be prepared for a role in construction management or interior design. Some of our graduates are using the skills they learn to do other related jobs in the industry like staging, project management, social media, content marketing, and much more. We teach you the most sought after skills, you put yourself to work!

Some things to think about regarding your salary after you graduate.

Salary Negotiation – How do research to find out how much someone should make in each position and know what to ask for? You can research on websites like Glassdoor. Professor Collingwood offers coaching, and teaches you how to negotiate the best salary for you after you land your first job out of our program. You will learn how to know what you should be making based on your location, job description, scope of work, responsibilities. We want you to be prepared and confident when you go to your interview. Know what you are worth and what to ask for.

Commission – Many times in the industry, you can also work for a percentage of what you are making for the company. This can be very lucrative especially if you get into sales, construction management, or bringing in new business for your firm. This is also a way to calculate value if you are working for yourself after you complete our program. People in design often work off of a commission, calculating a percentage of the total job cost, or a base salary plus commission. Professor Collingwood teaches you how to order materials at wholesale prices from vendors who work with professional designers. This ensures that the general public won't have access to the same items, making you highly valuable to your clients. You will learn how to sell materials at retail prices for the client and maintain a budget to that you are paid part of the cost of the job. Forget hourly fees and having to keep a schedule. When you are working off total job cost, you are making money on everything including installation, materials, and your fee in one document. We'll show you how to calculate this as a professional in the field.

Create Your Own Income - Become an entrepreneur, or start your own firm. We teach you how to find vendors, create relationships, network, and sign designer accounts. You'll visit professionals at Denver Design Center, and you'll meet the team of installers that Professor Collingwood works with on her own projects. You learn how to network, and become a valued member of our network. When you have solid relationships, it will be easier for you to create budgets, pricing, scheduling, and timing. We prepare you to create your own projects so that you can start your business when you graduate from SID.

Fall semester enrollment is open. Contact Professor Collingwood, and learn more about how we help you level up your career in just 6-12 months.


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