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What to Expect in Class Here at SID

Each week will address a different part of the design process as part of one complete project to develop the skills necessary for the Interior Design student to move forward with a career in the industry. The focus is on the development of the student and a review of their weekly progress.

Because the studio classroom is a place designed for the free exchange of ideas, we must show respect for one another in all circumstances. We will show respect for one another by exhibiting patience and courtesy in our exchanges. Courtesy and kindness is the norm for those who participate in my class.

What you can count on here at SID:

  • One on one time with your instructor where your questions and concerns will be heard and answered.

  • Discuss schedules and finishing deadlines as well as project progress.

  • Receive individualized help on homework and projects.

  • Review grades and quizzes.

  • Feel prepared for job interviews and understand how to move forward with a career in Interior Design.

  • No letter grades will be provided – studio style classes are graded based on project progress and completion.

You will be allowed to access the assignments an unlimited number of times until the due date/time.

We are committed to a campus environment that is inclusive, safe, and respectful for all persons. To that end, all course activities will be conducted in an atmosphere of friendly participation and interaction among colleagues, recognizing and appreciating the unique experiences, background, and point of view each student brings. You are expected at all times to apply the highest academic standards to this course and to treat others with dignity and respect. Instructors are expected to facilitate learning, answer questions appropriately, be fair and objective in grading, provide timely and useful feedback on assignments, maintain adequate office hours, and treat you as they would like to be treated.

Any questions? Reach out to us to learn more


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